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No offence, but I think that the concept of an extension cable should be pretty easy to grasp by now. We've been using great cables like these for years now, taking power from an unfortunately placed wall socket all the way to our favourite electronics.

Great for all types of indoor use, these UK Standard Mains Power Extension Cables will give you that extra stretch you need in a pinch. It's not just for home theatre and audio use - keep one handy to use with your vacuum cleaner, your toaster or even a surge protected AV Power board.

Figure 8 Power Leads

Figure 8 Power Lead white straight

White Fig 8 with Plug

Figure 8 Power Lead Black with plug

Black Fig 8 with Plug

Fig 8 Lead white angle with plug

White Fig 8 angle with Plug

Fig 8 Lead white straight no plug

White Fig 8 No Plug

We rely on electrical devices more than ever, so power leads and adapters are an essential part of modern life. Older houses often don’t have enough sockets, but extension leads increase capacity so you can plug in all your computing or hifi equipment.

Extension Leads and Mains Conditioners

Our 4, 6 and 10 gang mains extension leads are great when you need extra sockets for your equipment. These come in a range of cable lengths, some surge protected.

Power Cables, Adapters and Converter Plugs

Another potential problem with power cables is having the wrong connector type or plug. Sometimes you have a figure 8 power cord for your laptop charger when you need an IEC or clover leaf design. We have a huge variety of cables to suit any situation, whether you need a lead with a plug or not.

Fig 8 Lead Black angle no plug

Black Fig 8 angle No Plug

Fig 8 Lead Black 90 angle with plug

Black Fig 8 angle with Plug

Figure 8 Power Lead Black no plug

Black Fig 8 No Plug

Whatever Mains cable or connector you require