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Cat 6a Patch Cables, S/FTP, PIMF Halogen Free RJ45 Plug 8/8

Cat 6A Patch Leads - S/FTP PIMF

LSOH - Available in Grey, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black & White

Our CAT6A data products meet all IEC/TIA standards for 10 Gbps Ethernet and provide the fastest possible data transmission speeds for copper based media.

Category 6a – Augmented Category 6 – cables, and associated connectors, take the performance capabilities of copper infrastructure to new levels. Designed to the current ISO and EIA/TIA standards for Class Ea augmented Category 6a performance these products are intended to deliver reliable, high network performance including support of emerging applications such as 10GBase-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Category 6a patch leads consists of 4 twisted pairs of 26 AWG stranded copper wires, an aluminium/polyester foil tape provides an individual screen for each pair. These pairs are then cabled together, with different lay lengths to ensure optimum performance. Staggered pin RJ45 shielded plugs, terminate the cable, and each lead is fitted with colour coded slim line moulded boots, suitable for use in high density router or switch blades.

Performance Overview
Category 6A patch leads are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the ISO and TIA standards for Cat 6A. The use of foil tape screens in the design of this cable ensure that systems are immune to performance concerns sometimes found in high speed, high frequency copper cable networks. Cables designed with pair screening such as this act against Alien
Cross talk, the inducement of noise from one 4 pair cable to an adjoining cable as well as protecting against signal loss though emissions and enabling immunity from disturbance’s which could potentially be received from external sources.

7 Different Colours. Sizes from 0.25M - 50M








Telephone: 01493 653484 Email:

Certified and tested to EN17025.

The GHMT certification is required as proof of quality throughout the European Community.

Cat 6a Patch Panels, 8, 16 & 24 ports cable anchorage with cable ties for use with Cat 6a components.

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CAT 6a Cables

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